Beauty Haul



Hey ladies, hope you all had a nice weekend! I had an amazing adventure this weekend. Was honestly the best time! Just what I needed after my exams. Within the past week I've seemed to have accumulated new makeup (oops!) and thought that I would share it with you!

♥ Maybelline Colour Sensational Lip Liner - Hollywood Red
♥ NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil - Milk
♥ Collection 2000 Precision Colour Lip Liner - Clover Pink

♥ Kiko Lipstick - No. 901

♥ Maybelline Pore Eraser Primer
♥ Maybelline Colour Eye Studio Eyeshadow - Chocolate Chic
♥ Kiko Full Coverage Concealer - No5

♥ Avon Color Trend Lipstick - Amethyst
♥ Maybelline Colour Sensation Lipstick - Tantalizing Taupe
♥ Avon Color Trend Lip Gloss - Lucid

What have you guys been hauling recently? Let me know in the comments below
And thank you for reading <3 x.


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  1. Romana, I swear we are on the same wavelength because I just posted a haul, too! And with a Maybelline Color Sensation lipstick, too! Different colors, but not by much. And you should do a review on the Baby Skin! I've been hearing so much about it. And I'm glad you had such a good time after your exams! ;D

    1. This is why I call you my blogging twin haha! We've got such great taste ;)
      I've been using it for a week now so will deffo post a review on it!
      Thanks a lot Hun. So glad they're over!

  2. Hey, I have nominated you for Liebster Award, make sure to check it out:


    1. Thanks love! I'll have it up by Monday x.