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Hey everyone! The weekend is here!! Happy days for all! I'm going to spend my weekend blogging, and catching up on a lot of tv. And I mean a lot! What good shows are out these days? I've totally ran out of things to watch lately! Let me know what you guys like to watch in the comment box below.

So Maybelline have came out with a new primer. Well, when I say new, its been out in Asia for a while now, maybe about 6/7 months? But it only recently hit the shelves in the USA and UK.
So of course, I had to pick one up and try it! It retails for about £6/7 which is the average price of drugstore primers here in the UK.

So the packaging is super cute right?! Like the Baby Lips Lip Balms. The product itself is really smoothing. I guess you can say it has that silliconey feel to it. It feels a bit like the Collection 2000 primer, but a little bit more slimier? A little really does go a long way with this product. Its not greasy either and I feel like it just leaves your skin feeling really smooth!

As for erasing the appearance of pores, I don't have huge seeping pores so I can't say its a miracle primer, but it is great for smaller pores. Most of you reading this, probably don't pay attention to your pores at all coz you've never had to! But I bet you will after reading this post! Its exactly what had happened to me with another primer review haha.

Anyway. If you're looking for a new primer, I suggest you to try this. But if you already have a couple, I really don't think that you need this at all until one of the others run out.

Have you guy's tried this primer? Let me know your thoughts!

Thank you for reading <3 x.


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  1. Thanks for this great review, I haven't seen this available here in SA as yet, will probably try it out. What kind of shows do you like? Drama, Law, Action, Comedy? I am watching and loving Once Upon A Time, Reign, Revenge, Super Fun Night and Devious Maids

    1. I'm sure it'll come to you guys soon! Check for an online retailer!
      I love revenge! Need to catch up on series three though. I think there has only been 3 eps so far in the Uk though.
      Ohh is Devious Maids good? I've seen ads for that. Looks fun! x.

  2. I actually had a friend of mine send this to me (she's from Canada and I'm from Europe, where they don't sell this cutie). Haven't got the chance to try it on yet but your review sounds promising!