The Higher The Hair...



Hey ladies, how did everyone enjoying their lazy Sunday yesterday? Mine has been anything but lazy!! Crazy as usual, always loads to do so Monday hasn't been as blue as usual. Despite the crazy schedule of work to do I haven't forgotten about you guys.
My go-to hair do for almost any occasion is some form of Bouffant. I love big hair! Back combed to the heavens; love love love.

So today I've decided to create a pictorial of this holiday hair-do..

Here's what you'll need...
Some strong hold hair spray, bobby pins, and a teasing comb, or any other comb you have.
Let's begin..

Grab a big section of hair at your crown, as much as you want for your bouffant look.
Spray the back of that section with your extra hold spray moderately. 
Start teasing that section which you have sprayed with hairspray. To do this you comb your hair against the grain. So instead of - from the roots to the ends, the other way. Start half way from your ends and roots and comb back to your roots. 
This is how my hair looked after I had back combed that section. If you don't feel your section is big enough then add a little more hairspray and backcomb it again.
Pick a section of hair from the side and backcomb it away from your face. I didn't use all of the hair from the side as I didn't want my bouffant to look so structured and hair sprayed. Repeat on the other side also.
Now take your time and pin your backcombed sections into place. Take as much time and bobby pins as you like. And while pinning back make sure you very lightly brush over the top of your bouffant to smooth it out and then hair spray into place.
Now, the rest of the side sections that I had left and hadn't backcombed, I then took those sections, smoothed them out and placed it over the hair and pinned them back so that my bouffant doesn't look as structured.
I then pinned this "hair piece" what used to be a head band into place with bobby pins and I'm done!
What do you guys think of big hair? Let me know in the comment box below.
Thank you for reading <3 x.


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  1. wow great job!! beautiful! following you now , please follow back if you want..:) kisses:*)

    1. Thanks a lot hun!
      Practice makes perfect.
      Following you back :) x.