Faking It 2



Hello my lovlies! How have you all been doing? Is it just Scotland or is it getting super cold now? Definitely transitioning into Winter now! Winter tag anyone?

Speaking of Winter, I was online a couple of weeks ago looking at coats and not finding anything I liked on any UK based websites. I can't help it. I'm fussy ok?!
But as always I did find a gorgeous coat on EBay from China. But there wasn't any in my size. So I decided to have a look around the sellers shop and found this...

It was only £1.20 and I instantly fell in love. It comes in three colours, black, white and baby pink. Of course I had to go for black as it's classic Chanel. But how gorgeous is it!

As always with buying things from overseas, it takes a couple of weeks for delivery, but I got it through the post this week and I am in love!

The bracelet looks great, however, when you touch/hold it; it feels as inexpensive as it was. Although the bracelets are sold out right now I'm sure if you keep checking back they will be in stock if you want to buy one.

As any designer inspired piece that I buy, I never act as if they are the real deal. I only buy these for fun, and to see what the quality is like. 

What do you guys think? Chic or tacky?
Thank you for reading! x.


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