Clean Up 2



Hey ladies. Its midweek! Which means lots of uni work, and barely any time for anything else.
In the summer I posted how I clean my makeup brushes with stuff I have around my bathroom. To check it out click here.

Now I've seen people buy beauty blender cleaners to clean their sponges or just buying a new one every time their sponge gets dirty and full of foundation. I find this too excessive, and have my own easy way to clean them. I'm sure this has been posted before but here goes anyway. 
Ps. I don't own the original beauty blender but a dupe I bought from Ebay which you can check out here

Again I only use shampoo and soap.

I soak my sponge with water and then pour some shampoo in my hand and smother it over the sponge. And then scrub it against the palm of my hand repeatedly. I then rinse out my sponge and repeat.

If there are still some stains then I rub the beauty blender against a bar of soap where the stains are. Again I scrub the sponge on my hand and rinse again.

And voila! Super easy. But remember to rinse and squeeze the sponge repeatedly. Otherwise there might be some soap/shampoo residue.

How do you clean your beauty blender? Let me know in the box below.
Thank you for reading <3 x.


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  1. Hi Romana, thanks so much for this helpful tutorial, I will definitely be following!

  2. Good shout! I've recently started using the RT miracle complexion sponge and I was worried it wouldn't clean up well. Clearly I was wrong! xx

    Gemma // DuggyDimples

    1. I was worried too at first they get so mucky so quickly. But mines was super easy to clean and it looked brand new. I'm sure the Real Techniques one will be the same :) x.