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Hi everyone, How are you today? We’re midweek so just hang on in there the weekend is near!!
As bloggers, I’m sure one of the most important things to any of you is support. Support can make or break you. It’s always easy to give criticism, to dismiss and to put others down. But its always those who have the purest of hearts and intentions that give full support.
When I started I remember having a few views on each blog post and thinking it was the best thing in the world which it was! But through support from friends and fellow bloggers my followers and readers have increased so much! And I couldn’t be more thankful. With that said... I’m writing today to support and highlight some amazing talent that I’ve come across lately!
Music is one of my biggest loves. Can anyone realistically live in a world without it? Thought not.
But it is also one of the hardest areas to break-through in. You got to have passion, will, drive, and TALENT!!

Dolla Deem, is a New York based rapper with heaps and heaps of talent.
He has produced some of the most talented sounds I have heard in a long time for someone who isn’t in the limelight with £££ of backing!
Check out the Soundcloud page here.
Rap and hip hop is my love, and this dude takes it right back for me; with the mix of soft beats and meaningful lyrics, every song is just amazing!
I can’t even decide on my favourite song! Its gotta be either Diamond Life or Higher Than The Ceiling. All of the songs can be found on the Soundcloud page.
Everyone needs to check this page out NOW. Forget whatever you are doing and go listen now!!
Hit the follow button to keep up to date with the latest tracks.
Basically; show love!

But wait… It doesn't just stop at music on Soundcloud. Get a load of the latest video on youtube by clicking here!!!

Its always hard to get off the starting blocks, but talent like this MUST be accredited!

There are loads of mediocre artists out there, including many we all see on the tv and hear on the radio. Auto-tuning voices is easy. Raw talent isn't something that can be faked, and that's exactly what this guy here, has. RAW TALENT. I seriously urge you all to check him and his music out.

Lastly, I just want to say Good luck to Dolla Deem, on chasing your dreams. I see big things happening for you!!

Let me know what your fave song is in the comment box below. And if you’ve got tumblr hit the follow button on their profile here. You won’t regret it.
Thank you for reading x.


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