Nothing Was The Same



Hey guys, now it's been a really long time since I've posted an album review, even though I've purchased so many great albums recently. The last and only album review I have done until now was on J. Cole's album Born Sinner which you can check out here.

The album I'm going to be reviewing today is by Drake, and it's called Nothing Was The Same, which can be purchased on itunes here.

I've been a fan of Drake for a while now, and his first album Take Care was unbelievably amazing!! Honestly 5 star rating! Check it out here.

So as I loved Take Care so much I was really expecting exactly the same from Nothing Was The Same. But to begin with, I was slightly disappointed. I didn't feel it was as great as Take Care. But it's been a little while now and I have to say it has grown on me SO much!

It's a different feel than Take Care but it really is great! My favourite songs so far are definitely From Time, Language, Pound Cake, Come Thru, and The Motion.

I highly suggest you check them out, they're really great!! As for the album as a whole, although I have grown to like it a whole lot more than before, but I still don't think its as great as Take Care so my rating has to be 4 stars!

Are you a fan of Drake? Let me know your thoughts on any of his music in the comment box below.
Thank you for reading <3 x.

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