Hello my gorgeous girlies. It is officially the weekend (Yay!)
I'm so happy for this week to be over, it has been long and hectic, one thing after another. One thing I have been enjoying though is the fact that my Ebay items have been coming through the door! Happy Romana indeed.

Some of the items haven't arrived yet but they can be uploaded in a separate blog as they are all eyelash related! ;)

So here goes..

I bought these nail stripers for 99p! Bargain, I know. These will be great for nail art as I don't have any stripers or anything to help me create thin lines. Can't wait to try these out. Check them out here.

I've really been wanting a stippling brush to finish my brush collection. I bought this cheeky Real Technique look-a-like for £1.89. The bristles are super soft and I just can't wait to start using it. Check it out here.

The Beauty Blender!!! Well, the Beauty Blender dupe. This little sponge has definitely been giving my Real Techniques brushes a run for their money. Just dampen them and use to rub in foundation. Its such a bargainous beauty for 99p. Check it out here in either pink or purple. 

Now, if I was to buy stripers it was only right that I also bought a dotting tool! Totally was in need of this as I've been using my hair pins for dotting. Love that there's two different sized dots on each side! Check it out here.

I love comfy high tops! I bought a pair last year in light pink, but have been wanting a pair of black ones for ages and these are just perfect!! Check them out here.

What do you think of my buys? Let me know in the comment box below!
Thank you so much for reading <3 x.

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