Grab Your Coat!



Hey everyone! A week ago I was sunning it up in 45 degree celcius, and now I'm back to Glasgow weather! Its fair enough to say that I ran from the plane to the airport!!

While I was away, my mum told me I was to get a new coat when I came back as she was sick off seeing me in my Black coat with white trim.. What a meanie!!

So naturally I hit the shops, jetlag in tow, and bought this beauty from Primark for £25!

I am in love with this coat! It'll definitely do me throughout Autumn and Spring next year. I love the quilted detail on the shoulders, and the faux leather sleeves. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Have you guys been getting your Autumn/Fall wardrobes ready? Let me know what you've been buying!
Thank you for reading <3 x.

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  1. We have similar tastes in style! I just got a coat that has faux leather body and fleece sleeves and a hood. It's kind of like the opposite of yours but the same concept. Now I want something with the leather sleeves but maybe in an army green? I love fall fashion. XD

    1. Yes! Totally. I'm also leaning towards the khaki green with leather sleeves, but is that not too last year? So many girls in my lectures wore that design last fall.. So I'm still contemplating!

  2. ou i love the lines and light leaks on your pictures :)

    1. Thanks hun! Thought I'd try something a little different :)