The Heat



Hey everyone. After seeing a lot of trailers for the new Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy movie The Heat I decided that I had to watch it! I was really excited as I love both the actresses and enjoy comedy so much! And that trailer just looked so good.. Have a look

Overall I was a tad bit disappointed in this film. Although it did have some good laughs in it I never found myself laughing out loud at all. More a quiet chuckle or a grin. Regardless, the storyline is great, the film is humorous and smart. I did enjoy it, but was expecting some more laughs I guess. Still worth a watch if you have been looking forward to go see it like I was 6/10

Have you seen this movie? Let me know your thoughts! Also, I might be going to watch the Conjuring tomorrow which will be fun!
Thank you for reading <3 x.

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