Holiday Must Haves



As I said before, I'm going to be away for a few weeks off somewhere hot! So I'm going to need the right kind of bags and shoes which won't cause me any hassle or annoy me, as I can get super irritated in 40 degree Celsius heat!
Here's what I'll be taking along.

I love long strap bags when I'm out in the heat, I just put them on cross-body so I don't have to worry about anything happening in a busy place. Although they don't fit much in I can always pack in my essentials which is a bonus! And also I'll be taking a couple of clutch bags just for when I got out somewhere nice.
Although, I will be taking a bigger bag for travelling, probably one of my tote bags, just so I can fit in absolutely anything that I need!

This isn't actually all of the shoes I will be taking, the rest are actually my mums as she has loads of flat sandals. Perfect for me as we are the same shoe size. The white ones in the front are also hers! 
I feel like these types of footwear are a must as its so hot out and you don't want your feet melting off! I have a couple of cuter heels which I can wear out and to add glamour to an outfit too.

What are your holiday musts for shoes and bags? Please let me know in the comment box below.
Thank you for reading <3 x.

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