Hi guys, how are you all doing? Bet you're all loving the sunshine like me! It really is quite a rare thing for it to get this warm in Scotland as we usually have rainy summers but I really can't complain!

No More Monday Manicures
Monday manicures are off the list for about 2 month. I will explain later why but I thought it'd be better to just stop them for now rather than post old pictures of nail art that I had done, it just doesn't seem right to me as I'd rather put up what I'm wearing and what I have created at the time.

It is the blessed month of Ramadan on the Islamic calendar! Which means 30 days of fasting during the hours of sunlight. The 1st fast is today and I have to admit I'm holding up pretty well. Could do with some water but its not been as bad as I thought it would be. Todays fast is just under 21.5 hours long. Insane I know. But to be honest, one thing that I have noticed about fasting is that it gives me a stronger mind. I feel that, if I can take food and water away from myself for that many hours and still go strong and go about my normal daily life, then I can really do anything!
A lot of people, I feel, don't really get why Muslim's fast; so here's a really broken down version of it. Its a sacrifice for God. In return all your good deeds are multiplied so much, and the gates of Hell are considered to be closed. So in this month you're racking up all your good deeds, no matter how big or small, taking you so much closer to paradise.
Now I understand that not a lot of people will agree with this or understand this, or even have different religious views. I respect them and only ask the same in return.

Work It Out
Recently I've been working out loads especially on my problem areas along with a little bit of cardio. I've not been doing anything crazy intense, coz firstly I don't really think I need it, also, I don't want to become discouraged by wearing myself out all the time. I've been running around the block and up the country roads lately, and working out to Cassey Ho's "On Fire" playlist on youtube. She is AMAZING! And every move she uses is so simple yet so, so effective. I'll hopefully be doing a more in-depth blog post on her soon. So stay tuned for that

In exactly four weeks from now I, my family, and my big cousin will be sitting on a plane going on holiday! Exactly 3 weeks after that, I shall be on another plane with my brothers & cousin to another destination for a mini holiday! I really can't wait, although I just hope that the heat of both destinations don't defeat me!! It gets really hot in both these countries and therefore I always get irritated and annoyed when its too hot to actually do anything fun without becoming unbearably hot! However, I am hoping that I will be able to cope! Hence why I've been ensuring that I don't use the Air Con in the car or any fans in the house while its getting warmer in the UK. While I'm away though I will be scheduling some posts, but I highly doubt I'll be able to reply to any comments or anything like that while I'm away.It'll just be posts that I'll be doing before I leave.

This holiday is really messing with any work related stuff which kinda sucks, coz I feel that I'm missing a lot of opportunities because of it. However, I'll be working at uni when term starts again so its not too bad I guess. Everything happens for a reason, right?

That's all for now guys, thanks for reading! <3 x.

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