Let Me Explain



Hey guys! So I've been reading loads of tweets to @kevinhart4real about his stand-up feature which has been out in the states since the 3rd of July. So I thought I'd check it out as I enjoy Kevin Hart's material. It always makes me laugh, even when he was just on the round table on the Chelsea Lately show.

Here's the trailer if you have't seen it yet...

I must say I really enjoyed this. I was really funny and put me in a good mood. He basically makes jokes
about his life and explains his rise to fame. With jokes about his kids, his ex-wife and his friends; it covers pretty much everything! It is hilarious!! Honestly, you'll definitely enjoy this film if you watch it!
It comes out on DVD in the UK at the end of July I've read, so look out for it then. 7/10

Have you guys watched Let Me Explain? What do you think of Kevin Hart's material? Let me know in the comment box below.
Thank you for reading my loves! <3 x.

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