Korean Matte Primer



Hey everyone! Happy Monday! Or maybe not as 90% of people hate Mondays!
Anywayyy... I've got another beauty review! I badly needed some matte primer that wouldn't break the bank, so I thought I'd have a look on ebay. I came across this Korean primer, which you can take a look at here
It's called the [The FACE Shop] Lovely ME:EX MAKE UP BASE 40ml #2 Violet Primer Makeup TFS Matt. 
 When I opened the box to my surprise I had a few samples in the box also. I'm not 100% sure on what exactly they are or how they work, as the back is in Korean, but I'm sure I'll figure it out!
It does come out in a lilac shade but once worked into the skin, you can't notice it.
I decided to test how matte it really is, so I applied my Maybelline Fit Me foundation over it. Anybody who has used or even heard of the Fit Me range will know that it is Gel based and therefore super Dewy. Which I love! Just not in the heat! 

Using this primer totally minimized the appearance of my pours, and you could barely see them! It left my face matte for hours until I had to apply powder, which is still a win in my books!! 

Another great thing is that it was inexpensive, also, I expected it to take ages to arrive as it was from Korea but no! I received it in just over a week which was amazing!

Let me know what matte primers you swear by in the comment box below.
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