Garnier BB Creams



Hey guys! Guess who couldn't help themselves to a new bb cream! Even though I don't need one haha. I was originally hoping to try the new Maybelline Pure BB Cream that has salicylic acid. However, I saw these two instead and just couldn't help myself.

BB Cream Claims 
♥ Anti shine
♥ Blurs pores & imperfections
♥ Evens tone & boosts glow
♥ Moisturises
♥ SPF 20 Protection

BB Eye Roll On Claims
♥ Reduces the appearance of dark circles and bags
♥ Conceals signs of fatigue
♥ Blurs fine lines
♥ Illuminates
♥ Hydrates

I bought the colour medium and I thought it was a perfect match to my skin! It really is, so I was really happy about that.
As you can see my right side was more concealed with 1 layer

BB Cream on right side not on the left

Evened up both sides
Finished my makeup :)
The bb cream and the eye roll on are pretty scent-less. They have light coverage which is great for holidays and vacations or just if you don’t want to wear something heavy, especially if it is hot outside. A slight problem I had with the bb cream though was that it really oxidized. And I’m sure it is meant to due to the fact that its meant to be change into your skin tone to give you a perfect match, however, I felt that it made me slightly more orange. The second time I used it though, I used more primer, and I found that I didn’t have that problem. It definitely kept my shine at bay, even when I was out in the sun. However, powder might be needed if it's really hot outside! 
Also with the eye roll on, I hadn’t slept much for the past couple of nights when I used it, so it just wasn’t concealing enough for me. But due to its consistency and colour, I’m sure it will do a great job when my eye bags aren’t as dark.
So as for the claims, I think the products do match up to them, for me anyway, remember every one's skin is different, so products work differently for everyone.
I think I’m going to get lots of use out of both of these products and they’re definitely going into my travel bag when I leave in a few weeks!
Let me know what you think of either of these products if you have tried them out!

Thank you for reading my dolls <3 x.

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