Clean Up!



Hi everyone, how's everyone doing?
Don't you just hate having to wash your brushes? And don't you just hate it even more when you hear or read that you need all these elaborate things to clean them! Well not me. I use 2 things that I'm pretty sure we all have in our house, probably several of them actually...

Yep, that's right. Just plain old shampoo and conditioner. Now I bet I'm not the only one who uses this method at all, but there are a lot of people who prefer other cleaners too. But this is something quick and easy for everyone to use when they've maybe ran out of their cleaners and need clean brushes NOW.

Shayne from Queen of All You See also posted about how she cleans her brushes, another very easy method, check it out here... 
So lets get started..

I soak the bristles and then put some of the shampoo on the bristles of the brush

I then rub the bristles against the palm of my hand to clean it out

This is how it looks after rinsing. Not too bad but I want it properly cleaned

This time I add some shampoo to the palm of my hands instead

Again, just rub the brush against the shampoo and your hand

Rinse it out & add some conditioner. Work the conditioner in the direction of the bristles!

And my bristles are white again! Leave it out to dry preferably pointing down the way so the excess water can just run out
And that's my easy method! Let me know how you guys clean your brushes!
Thank you for reading <3 x. 

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