Cajun Chicken Fajitas



Hey guys! Lately during Ramadan I seem to have been doing all the cooking, and to be honest I love it! I love cooking and trying out new things, I'm a hugeee foodie! Although it has been debated whether I'm a foodie or a fatty!
Regardless! I made fajitas last night and they're super easy to make and so yum! By using these steps you can mix it up and add whatever you prefer to the mix.. So here's what you'll need...

♥ Chicken Breast
♥ Tortilla Wraps
♥ 3 Peppers
♥ 1 Onion
♥ Cajun powder
♥ Chilli powder (Optional)
♥ Salt
♥ Lemon Juice (Optional)
♥ Salad
♥ Grated Cheese (Optional)
♥ Jalepenos (Optional)
♥ Sauce Of Your Choice (Eg. Ketchup, Salsa, Sour Cream, Mayo)


 In a bowl place your chopped or sliced up chicken breast and then add your Cajun powder - If you're using a packet, use the whole thing, if your using a jar then use as much as you feel is right. Also add some salt, chilli powder if you'd like a kick, and some lemon juice and mix it all together making sure the chicken is coated.
Leave it aside while your prepare and cook your veg.

Slice up one onion and 3 peppers, cook them in some oil on medium heat until they are soft. Add salt while cooking them.

 Once your veg is soft, put it aside and then cook your chicken in some oil on medium to high heat, until they have cooked throughout.

 Once you're sure they have - try a piece if you need to - mix the veg together. You may notice that the chicken mixture has become slightly watery, if so that's fine it can coat the veg with the flavour. If it gets too much just take some out with a huge spoon like I usually do!
Once its all mixed together you can turn the heat off and start preparing your fajita!
I like to warm my wraps up a little bit on the stove (in a frying pan) or in the microwave, you don't have to if you do not want to.
Here's how mines goes; chicken & veg mixture, cheese, salad, jalepenos and sauce!
Now to fold; I pull the bottom up first, then pull the right side over, then finally the left. And there you have it!

Let me know how you make your fajitas, I'd love to know!
Thank you for reading!

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