Hi everyone! How's your week been?
So I have recently been obsessed with Blogilates by Cassey Ho! For those of who don't know what this is Cassey puts up simple workout videos on youtube channel 1 & channel 2, and on her website as well as recipes and other workout guides.
Now I know Sonya Crawford from Itty Bitty Bindings have already told me that she also likes Cassey's workouts. And rightly so. They are amazing!! Really effective and not hard at all. The best thing is that you rarely ever need any equipment. The only video I've seen that needed equipment was for lower abs, and even then it was paper plates!! Even the arm workouts are done without equipment. How amaze!!
Here are a couple of my favourite workout videos

Cassey is a huge inspiration to me. Last year I put on a lot of excess weight and I really tried everything I could. But I just became so disheartened and could never get myself to workout or eat properly. Food was the problem and became a huge comfort as well. I wasn't plus size by any means, but picking up so many bad habits did make me grow a couple of dress sizes.
Lately I've disciplined myself so much, and Cassey's workouts have been exactly what I needed. The above videos are about 10-15 minutes long and so easy! They just make me want to do them! They do get intense so I do start cussing in the middle of the videos! Haha. But they really have done wonders. And I'm so grateful!
You don't need to watch the videos every time. I've done them a couple of times and know the basics of the exercises, but always forget the number of reps or some of the moves in the workout routines. Until! Cassey came up with these!!

You guys have to check her out. She's amazing!! Even if you just want to tone your body her workouts are definitely what you need, coupled with a bit of healthy eating of course.

Have you guys checked her out before? And used any of her videos? Let me know in the comment box below!
Thank you so much for reading guys! <3 x.

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  1. Thank you so much for mentioning me! XD Her cardio workouts are amazing and definitely melt off fat. Trust me, after the wintertime, I needed it. And that arms on fire workout made me soo sore! But I love it. ^_^

    1. No problem! We seem to like a lot of the same things, you're kinda like my blog-twin haha.
      Yes they are amaze! Aw man my arms are still sore from the other night! She is amaze! x.