Red Hot



So I went out with my mum today, just to run some errands & buy some groceries. We're in one of the local shops and I spot this..

Red Matte Lip Gloss by the company W7. Now I've seen W7 products dotted around different stores, but I've only ever bought W7 nail polishes, simply because I didn't think the quality of the cosmetics would be that great seeing as their pricing is so low, and because they aren't sold in drug stores like boots or superdrug or even semi chem.
But I HAD to buy this! Maybe because it was a matte lip gloss, and I've personally never came across the concept before.

This is how it looks..

So I applied it like a lip gloss, without a lip liner. It was very opaque & pigmented. Took about 10-15 seconds to dry from a gloss to a matte finish. Definitely not sticky & non-drying. 

The flash slightly dulled it out but it's not as bright on your lips once it dries as it is when you first apply it. It smells like butter scotch in my opinion.. Ugh I just love it!! The tone is perfect, the texture is perfect, the staying power is great too. I think this is going to be a huge favourite of mine!! If they had it in another shade I totally would have bought it too! It was only £0.99. BARGAIN!

What do you guys think of my find? Have you ever tried W7 products; if so what are your faves & least faves? Let me know in the comment box below!

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