Print's In



Who hasn't seen printed jeans & trousers around? For the past year they have been everywhere, from animal prints, to aztec. Floral to astronomical prints. Camouflage to polka dots; they're well and truly everywhere. 
I understand if a lot of people don't like this trend. They can be a bit daunting. But why is it we don't mind printed tops and dresses, but run from printed jeans? Is it because we don't like the prints? Or because we wouldn't know how to style them or where to wear them?
I believe it's the latter as you can get soo many cute prints these days (Evidence below!!)




So how would you wear these bad boys? Easy! With a casual top and as many or as little accessories as you want! They're actually very easy to wear as they can pretty much go with any style of shoe; heels, flats, boots, sandals and even sneakers/trainers!
They can be worn to classes, casual day-outs, cinema dates, going shopping. Pretty much everywhere you would wear a normal pair of jeans.

Still not convinced? Take a look at how I would style my polka dot studded jeans...

What do you think of printed jeans?! Let me know in the comment box below x.

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  1. I'm not a fan of crazy printed pants, but polka dots and camo can be really cute paired with a simple top. I like to wear a plain white v-neck with mine! XD Nice post btw!

    1. Some prints are very out there! But i agree with the plain white v-neck! They just look so good with printed jeans or anything really! x.

  2. I don't think I could ever pull of patterned jeans, but you definitely rock them!
    Spider Leg Lashes xo

    1. Thanks hun! :) Awww I'm sure they'd look fab on you!
      Ps. LOVE your blog x.