J. Cole Born Sinner



Hi lovies, hope you’re all well. This is a different type of blog post… My first musical review.

I've been a fan of J. Cole for a while now, but had never actually bought his first album Cole World (Sideline Story) until just last weekend. It just had to be done as I began enjoying his music more and more. Then when I heard that his second album Born Sinner was being released this week, it actually got me so excited.

Great tunes, awesome lyrics; this is an album I can vibe out to, dance to, chill out to. I even get ready in the morning with this album playing in the background. Born Sinner is complete genius! I feel that if you liked Drake Take Care, you’ll love this album also!

My favourite so far is definitely Power Trip featuring Miguel. Listen here.

What are your thoughts on J. Cole? Have you listened to his new album? What are your most played songs? Let me know in the comment box below.

Thank you for reading J x.

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  1. Hey!! thanks for following!!! very interesting blog X

    1. Heyyy :) No problem! Music is one of my 1st loves. Only seemed right to do an album review hehe x.