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I for one love doing my nails on a regular basis. I just find it so therapeutic and fun to do. And I always love the finished look. As an avid tumblr and youtube user I've seen many trends online that I only wish that I could replicate. Unfortunately I have the steady hand of a 4 year old! Not good.
However, a trend that I've been noticing for almost a year now has made it sooo quick and easy to get perfect, fun, girls nails that don't break the bank and can last for about a week or more; nail wraps and foils. They come in hundreds of designs with ranging prices and you can almost buy them from anywhere!
Claire's Accessories

It's simple really, choose one that matches your nail size best, place the rounded side of the wrap or foil closest to your cuticle, smooth down, and file off the excess. Smooth down once more, and add a top coat for lasting staying power. If you're still unsure, here's a video showing how...

In the past year or so of using nail wraps I have tried out quite a few brands. The 1st pack I bought was from Claire's Accessories, the pack cost me around £6 and lasted for about a week. 
The second try was from Primark, veryyy cheap their packs are retailing for £1 but they always have loads on sales for 50p. They are a bit hit & miss though; one of the packs I bought which were a black & gold aztec print ripped apart as I was applying them; not good. However, the rest have been pretty good & always seem to last for about a week without chipping.
Ebay have 1000s of different styles of nail wraps and they are amazing! From your your one block coloured ones to designer wraps mimicking Chanel, Louis Vuitton & Gucci designs as well as much more. THEY ARE FAB. Prices can range from 99p onwards, the few that I have ordered have been excellent. Loved them! 
Nail wraps from Primark applied by me.
Tell me what do you think about nail wraps? Which brand is your favourite? <3 x.

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  1. They're so cool, I must try them.

  2. They're so easy to use, and so pretty too. You'll love them!