It's All About Hair



Hi ladies, hope you're having  great weekend!
Now, I've been dying my hair for the past 3 years now, first it was the reddish/brown phase, but for the past year I've been lightening it. Loveee how it turns out every time, and the best thing about it? I do it myself! By doing so, my best friend Samm reckons it gives me highlights & lowlights, I for one just think that's her nice way of saying, it's patchy! Hehe. Nevertheless I always love how it turns out.

So I've been trying not to touch up my roots too often, usually only twice a year. But I don't think that's often enough to be honest. As my natural colour is way too dark compared to my dyed hair. So this is how it goes...

Loreal Paris Excellence Creme #9

Before dying
After dying but before styling (Hence the frizz)

What diy hair colours do you guys love? Any colour that you want to try? Let me know in the comment box below.
Thank you for reading <3 x.

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