Beauty Is Time



Is it just me or the more we hear from beauty gurus, and watch makeup routines & see new products in the shop that our makeup routine just keeps increasing in time?!

A year ago I had never even heard of contouring... Now I never seem to put down my bronzer. Cheeks, nose, jawline, chin.. You name it, I've attempted to contour it.

For 21 years of my life I hadn't even once, attempted to fill in my eyebrows, now I don't go anywhere without them done. First they would only ever be filled in on special occasions; birthdays, dinners, weddings etc. Now even if i have a doctors appointment, my eyebrows can be considered well and truly filled in. Don't worry though!! They always look super-natural as I always do my brows myself so I have a fairly natural shape to them.. I just take a pencil to all those pesky areas where I can see skin instead of brow!

And now primer. Face primer, eyelid primer.. Heck I've even heard about lip primer!! (Does this exist? And if so where can I get my hands on one?!) My first primer I purchased roughly over a year ago, maybe 18 months? And I only ever used it on my cheeks, just so that my blusher wouldn't fade. Then it started going on my whole face, only on special occasions though! Until now.. I only went to the doctors surgery and the supermarket but for some reason I felt the need to use primer?! Crazy.

Now I have tried and tried to stop myself from buying makeup setting/fixing spray for a while now. To deter myself I said that when my primer runs out, then I'll purchase them both together.. Dum dum dummmm.
Yup, you guessed it, primer is almost finished and I have found myself yet again fighting the urge to buy a setting spray. Its nothing to do with the cost or anything like that. The question is more to do with... Do I need it? I've lasted 22 years without it do I really need it now?! Doomed.

Surely I can't be the only one who has increased their makeup routine time by seeing new products and growing use of certain products which we had never bothered with before? Let me know your stories in the comment box below x.

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  1. Such a cute idea for a post! I only wear setting spray on special occasions.. but whaddya know? That might change too. :) Nice post! xo


    1. Thank you so much! It came to me randomly as i was tidying up my dressing table!

      I have a feeling that that's how it would start off with me and then I'd be using it everyday. So I'm trying my very best to steer clear of it haha x.